The Writer's Task

"There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed."
- Erneset Hemingway

Although writing does not require actual bleeding, it does require you to reach deep inside yourself to find a story that has yet to be told.

I wrote my first poem at the tender age of 13. My family and I had just moved to a new city, a much bigger, much different area than the quiet suburban enclave that we left. I was experiencing the tell-tale bullying that comes with early adolescence. As the new kid on the block with a strange accent and awkward mannerisms, I was ripe for the picking. And the prodding. And the torment. This experience of living as an outsider drove me to feel isolated and alone.


That is, until I picked up a pen and wrote a poem called "Aceitacao," Portuguese for "acceptance." I wrote about wanting nothing more than to be a normal kid, accepted, appreciated, and maybe even loved by those around her. After finishing that poem, I felt peace. It was then that I realized -- and resolutely determined, to my own surprise -- that writing was all that truly mattered to me.

A writer is a person who writes books, stories, or articles for a living. Some writers receive artistic credit for the work they've done. Others, known as ghostwriters, remain anonymous, content in letting their work, not their persona, shine. I stand comfortably in the middle.


I've used my gifts to edit three published memoirs, as well as academic essays, long-form articles, blog posts, and website pages. Additionally, I edit social media copy for a podcast that averages 70,000+ listens, as well as an African-American owned & operated media company based in Chicago.


In November 2017, I took the plunge and published my first book I Dream of Sugar, a succinct poetry collection that I wrote in the wake of my grandmother's death. Poetry helped heal my pain, and I wanted to share that healing with the world through my writing. I Dream of Sugar is my first book, and my second book, another poetry collection, will follow in the Spring of 2020.


Words hold untold power. They create laws, universes, and adventures that transform lives. As a freelance content writer, I use my words to tell impactful, distinct stories that leave lasting impressions on readers.

Notebooks I write in.
Pink Notebook

“A writer should be joyous, an optimist . . . anything that implies rejection of life is

wrong for a writer.”


- George Gribbin​