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Who is 
Alex The Wordsmith?



Being a content creator means that I get to make a living

out of doing my hobbies.

My hobbies just happen to be ones that can be sold in exchange for cold, hard cash.

At my core, I am a semi-functioning wordsmith

with a notorious sweet tooth navigating the wacky world

of web design and social media copywriting. 

My love and my passion for writing are the gateways to my digital content creation skills.


It is my devotion to writing that is my secret weapon.

This dedication allows me to stand

head and shoulders above others in a gig economy

that is saturated with professionals like myself.

I have 10+ years of experience designing websites for religious organizations, universities, nonprofits, and  public figures.


My copywriting skills are eight years in the making and include social media pages and podcasts. I have edited three published memoirs; I have ghostwritten academic essays;

and I have even published a book of poems.

In other words, I have a unique gift for creating something that will fit your specific needs.

Get in touch with me through my Contact page so we can collaborate together on the next big thing.


And yes, I actually accept cold, hard cash as payment. 

- Alex The Wordsmith

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